A lot of countries have a Lion as their national animal. 

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“The National Animal Show ran more or less smoothly, until an angry, drunk Scotsman in a kilt rode in on a Unicorn while playing the bagpipes.”


Fall from grace

Please Norway, do not take this from us. Being the happiest country is all we got.

When they talked about this on the Danish news the reporter said “We’ve always seen Sweden as our nemesis, but maybe it’s time to turn our attention to Norway”

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Living Hell

I live in the North and can confirm it’s a living hell.

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Denmark’s state flag isn’t quite as well equipped as his friends.


Fact for a rainy day

I promise I’m done with Nokia for now.

And if the whole Sweden/Denmark situations proves anything, it’s that even old enemies can put their past behind them and become friends (but still make fun of each other A LOT)

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