A quick and silly family tree to show how different the family relations are from Scandinavian mythology to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course there’s more to it like all the extra children Loki and Odin had, but I just wanted to use the gods that appear in the movies.

I once sat in a group of Norwegians and an American guy asked us “Aren’t you kind of proud to see Thor on the big screen? Like ‘That’s our guy wooo!!’ ?” and non of us wanted to hurt his feelings so the answer came out like “…….no, not really” *gives him apologetic face*

He could not believe his ears, but we all agreed that even though the characters share names and some characteristics with the mythology, the MCU characters are so different we don’t see our old gods when we watch the movies. We don’t necessarily hate them, but they’re not “our guys”